Saturday, 24 March 2012

Lough Dan

Blogging about training is boring, so have given that up as a bad job. Might do a pull up spread sheet, but probably not.

Anyway,  today was looking good and Jules was working away, so decided to head back down to Wicklow for a bit more bouldering. With everyone else either running or still in bed, I went off on my own to Lough Dan. I haven't climbed much on the right hand side of the boulder field, so decided to give it a go.

Warmed up on the Wave boulder, which was a nice but I found myself wussing out a bit without a spotter. There was a blunt nose behind the Wave, which looked like a bit of fun if easy.

The right hand side of it was fairly handy, I think it goes maybe at 4?

 The left side goes as well, maybe at 6a+ starting sitting on the block in the photo. It was kind of hard to judge without a spotter - I wasn't sure if it was difficult or if I was just wussing out, plus it needed a bit of cleaning. It was definately harder than it looked though!

It feels like the block beneath the start could be moved out of the way as well, which would give a much better and harder start - I wasn't strong enough to move this block fully out of the way though.

If these are new, given the season that's in it, I thought it would be good to call them "Due Date" and "Baby Boom"

I played around on a few other problems, which were srittly and not great, but still nice in the sun.

I wandered on further, to Driving Seat, which was as nice as always. There looked to be a nice problem just above the top out from  Driving Seat, which again felt like a 6a+ and quite nice. I videoed my self climbing it - I hadn't quite realised what a heavy breather I am, I'm almost as bad as Dairmuid!

Again, if new then maybe call it Booster Seat?

Finished the day on the problems around Ped's Patio and Beef to the Heel. Beef to the Heel is a great name, and I'd always wanted to go over to the problem just for the name. It's a nice traverse, and there looks like there is some more do to on this side of Lough Dan. The Quartz Face by Ped's Patio looks fine in on the right hand side, but I didn't fancy trying it without a spotter.

Tired by this point so wandered home, still nice, sunny and warm so a good day  out


  1. I think I will claim the credit for Beef to the Heel - name and problem?, Diarmuid will correct me I'm sure if I'm wrong. Loads more in that scree on the rhs I think.

  2. Savage stuff dec. didnt realise you blogged.

  3. Wow, hang on, is this a blog by the Dec, the Dec I know?

    Dude! What has she put you on this time?

    Or is it the approaching fatherhood effect? ("I must get an 8a soon, quick!).

    Looking forward to reading you buddy!

  4. Yep, it's me dude! not sure about the 8a thing, or how much I'll actually write, but we'll see..